Following the revelation that Donald Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer to try and collect information to use against Hillary Clinton, he, Jared Kushner and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be testifying next week.

The White House has been embroiled in chaos since it was revealed that President Trump's eldest son had met with the lawyer to discuss the 2016 election.

Trump Jr will testify in a public hearing on Wednesday 16 July before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kushner, who also attended the meeting with the Russian lawyer and is employed by the White House, will speak before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed doors session.

The president has defended his son, saying: "Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don Jr attended in order to get info on an opponent. That's politics!"

The various committees that are investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election had been fighting to get hold of Trump Jr.

Growing list of investigations

The Department of Justice, now guided by a special counsel in the shape of former FBI director Robert Mueller, is looking into the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and any possible cover-up.

Meanwhile, there are numerous committees on Capitol Hill that have been looking into possible Russian influences on the election.

This includes the Senate Intelligence Committee who, under their purview, have taken part in both open and closed testimonial from James Comey, the former boss of the FBI.

Two other congressional groups, the Senate Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, are looking into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as the firing of Comey.

Despite the departure of Comey, who believes he was fired because of the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, the bureau is continuing due process.

The emails that Donald Trump Jr released, which detailed his meeting with a Russian lawyer, is the latest twist that investigating committees are keen to delve into.

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President Trump defended his eldest son as a "high-quality person" and Twitter fiercely mocked him for it. Ethan Miller/Getty Images