It looks like Donald Trump's legal team are going to have a busy post-election season if the presidential candidate has his way. After threatening to sue the women who came forward with claims that he sexually abused them, Trump has now hinted that he may also go after NBC.

While being interviewed on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, the Republican candidate implied it was illegal for NBC to release the Hollywood Access tape in which he can be heard talking about getting away with manhandling women because he is a "star".

Donald Trump
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to stress that this year's US elections are rigged against him Drew Angerer/Getty Images

"That was a private locker — you know, that was a private dressing room. Yeah, that was certainly illegal; no question about it," he said about the 2005 tape. When the host Bill O'Reilly asked him if he planned on taking legal action against the network once the elections were over, Trump kept things vague.

"Well, you'll see. You'll see. We're gonna find out soon enough," he said in reference to the same network that created The Apprentice.

The release of the Access tape with then host Billy Bush created a ratings nightmare for Trump, which has continued to affect his popularity in the polls and caused a number of Republicans to drop their support of him.

Aside from the recording, Reilly also questioned the president-hopeful about his claims that the elections are rigged and that the media and politicians are conspiring against him.

"I think 93% of the stories [the media] writes about me are negative, even if it's a positive story," Trump explained. "I'm winning in certain polls, and then in other polls — 'the dirty polls,' we call 'em — I was losing by, you know, numbers that were ridiculous. The only ones I really like are the ones where we're winning", he added.