Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has hit out at polls that show his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton is set for victory, claiming they are "purposely wrong".

Speaking in an phone interview with Fox and Friends on the morning of the 8 November election, Trump encouraged people to vote and dismissed many of the predictions that have been made in the race.

"I do think a lot of the polls are purposely wrong, I can almost tell you by the people that do it," he told the Fox News panel.

"The media is very dishonest, extremely dishonest. A lot of the polls are phoney, I don't even think they interview people. I think they just put out phoney numbers."

The most recent national polls show a close race between the two candidates, according to Real Clear Politics, with a four-way poll by IBD/TIPP Tracking including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein showing Trump ahead of Clinton by two points, and the same two-way poll showing Clinton leading by one point.

However, over the past few days, the polls have almost unanimously predicted a win for Clinton, with some pundits suggesting the Democrat will see a sweeping victory with more than 300 Electoral College votes.

But the GOP nominee, who has been critical of the mainstream media throughout his election campaign, said people would have to wait to see the outcome.

"It's very exciting," Trump said of election day, adding: "its been an amazing process, its been 17 or 18 months since I first came up with it… it has been a beautiful process. The people of this country have been incredible."