Ultra Nightmare is the toughest difficulty level in id Software's Doom revival, and less than a week since the game launched on 13 May, one player has already conquered it. It's a feat even the developers weren't able to manage during the game's development, and to make it even more impressive, the player did it without dying once.

That's because Ultra Nightmare is a one-life difficulty. If you're killed by the demonic hoards then the entire campaign starts anew. The entire play-through has been uploaded by YouTube user Zero Master (embedded below), coming in at just under five hours.

Developer id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin revealed to IGN back in April that even those who made the game have been unable to beat Ultra Nightmare – a new difficulty mode tougher than the series' famed Nightmare difficulty. It's the hardest of five difficulties in the game – which start with a super-easy "I'm Too Young To Die" mode.

Doom is the first game in the series in 12 years and has been heralded as a return to form for the series. Our own reviewer enjoyed it more than the classic original, and heralded it as "the most finely crafted, technically impressive pure shooter in over a decade".

You can watch the impressive run below.

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