After their heated exchange of words during the MTV VMA, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are being supported by their respective friends. The Anaconda singer is heartbroken that Drake, who she considers family, is siding with her enemy.

The Canadian singer is reportedly working with the 22-year-old Wrecking Ball singer for an album that is planned to slam Meek Mill and his American rapper girlfriend. "If Drake were to make a diss track with Miley, bashing her and her dude [Meek], he would be initiating a war that he does not want and one that [they] wouldn't win!" a source told Hollywood Life.

The 32-year-old singer and actress is reportedly heartbroken as she loved the Ice Age 4 actor as her brother and feels he disrespected her after teaming up with Cyrus. "She feels utterly betrayed and is disappointed. Drake's blatant disrespect is worse than the stuff Miley said about Nicki. But whatever. It just goes to show Nicki that everything Meek Mill said about Drake, specifically that he doesn't have a backbone and lacks loyalty, is true."

However, another report suggests that Drake still has respect for Minaj, but he is relating himself with the Bangerz Tour artist. "He can relate to Miley -- he's been the underdog his entire life, just like Miley is in this feud," a source told the website.

"Other women would have fallen back when Nicki tried to chin check Miley at the show, but what did Miley do? She took two steps forward and was like 'what b----?'. Drake loves that kind of spirit. That no fear type of woman."

Minaj called the MTV VMA show host a 'bitch' during live telecast. Cyrus had previously criticised the rapper for being a poor sport about not receiving a nomination for video of the year.