Drake and Meek Mill
Meek Mill (right) and Drake have excited rap fans with the release of their tracks War Pain and Summer Sixteen, respectively Getty

Drake once again fuelled his feud with rapper Meek Mill while performing for his Summer Sixteen tour in Washington DC. On Saturday (20 August) night when the Hotline Bling hitmaker took to the stage to perform in front of the sold-out audience, he used the opportunity to slam his old rival. Drake slyly dissed Mill by calling him "p***y" with the altered lyrics of his song.

The 29-year-old rapper was performing his 2015 hit track Back To Back in DC, when he slightly changed the lyrics to slam Mill.

Hollywood Life reports that instead of crooning, "he still ain't did s**t about the other one," Drake sang, "that p***y still ain't did s**t about the other one." The alteration, observed by a fan, was reportedly a jab made at Mill.

Drake's sly shade came right before his musical tour took him to Philadelphia, which is the hometown of the All Eyes On You singer.

Could this be a well-timed tactic on the part of the rapper to lay a final nail on the feud? While fans wondered about this, Mill took to Instagram on Monday, 22 August to post a cryptic message.

He wrote, "When u run out the back door wit 12 and use the "old man" 2 save you! I'm done " you had Philadelphia swat with you" Ima go head hang up it with these suckas! Had y'all tucked in back there for hrs lol#stillrunning I only came to talk lol."

Reports suggest that the "old man" is probably J Prince, and Mill is perhaps referring to his notorious reputation.