being naked
Being naked in public is a common dream Quad Digital

A panel of experts has explained the meaning behind the most common dreams people have, such as teeth falling out, falling and being naked in public.

A survey by psychic website The Circle found that 56% of people say they sometimes remember their dreams, 5% always remember, while 39% never remember them.

Of those who do remember, the survey showed most people (75%) said they were unsure of what their dreams meant. A small proportion said they were surreal (11%), wish fulfilment (8%), traumatic (4%) and reliving daily events (2%).

However, when asked what happened in their dreams, some common themes emerged.

Findings showed the most common dream was falling, with over 32% of people having this dream. Twenty 5% of people said they dreamt about being chased, while 20% said they dreamt about their teeth falling out or rotting away.

Two other common dreams included being naked in public or public humiliation (10%), and being late (12.5%).

But what do they mean?

What do dreams mean? Quad Digital


Ian Wallace, a psychologist and dream expert, said: "Falling dreams often reflect some experience of potential failure in waking life. This can happen if a person has set high standards for the results they expect, and it may seem as if they have failed if they cannot attain them. The person needs to release themselves from some of their responsibilities."

Being Chased:

Wallace also explained what being chased in dreams signifies: "When a dreamer creates a chase dream, they are usually experiencing some frustration in achieving a goal that they are pursuing in their day-to-day life. Although they appear to be being chased in the dream, they are actually actively hunting for ways to work through their specific frustrations."

Teeth Falling Out:

Sleep and dream expert Rubin Naiman spoke about dreams involving teeth: "Teeth in dreams, like in waking life, are a feature of our insides that we reveal to the outside world. The image of tooth loss or toothless-ness can reflect aging, illness, injury or loss of power. It might also reflect innocence and potential of infancy, so it can be negative or positive."

Being Naked in Public:

Author and dream expert Craig Sim Webb said: "Being nude or scantily dressed in front of others is a universal dream theme. However, others in the dream don't usually notice or care. The setting of the dream is important, showing where in your life you are likely feeling overly self-conscious for no reason."