After posting a video, in January, which spread like wildfire, YouTube prankster Magic of Rahat has done it again.

Scary Doll Driver (Source - MagicofRahat/YouTube)
Scary Doll Driver Image Credit: YouTube/MagicofRahat MagicofRahat/YouTube

In his latest video (tagged "most viewed" on the Internet), the prankster has resurrected Chucky, the iconic doll-hero of the popular horror films of 1980s Hollywood. Fortunately for all concerned, most of the prankster's victims have been more excited than scared.

In the uploaded video, a girl is heard saying: "That is so creepy!... It's breathing... That is so freakin' cute!" and a pregnant woman says: "They gonna make my water break." The video was uploaded on 5 March and has already been viewed more than 300,000 times.

The Video

In the Drive Thru Scary Doll Driver video, the priceless expressions of employees at fast food/drive-thru centres, where the prank was conducted, can be seen. And while some end up laughing as soon as they realise it is a prank, some others are, understandably perhaps, rather more annoyed and end up throwing food at the doll. A few others seem excited at the realisation they were on camera.

Check Out The Video:

[Courtesy: MagicofRahat/YouTube]

Magic of Rahat rose to fame in January when his video displaying a similar prank went viral. In the previous video, also conducted at the drive-through counters of fast food outlets, the prankster camouflages himself as a car seat and scares employees with the sight of a car seemingly driving itself.

Check Out The January Video:

[Courtesy: MagicofRahat/YouTube]