the policeman lost part of his finger Comisaría Policía Nacional de Getafe

A Spanish drunk driver bit part of a policeman's finger off as his car was towed away, according to local reports.

The unnamed man was stopped while driving in Getafe, south Madrid, last Friday (21 April). He was pulled over on the Juan de la Cierva Avenue, according to El Mundo.

Police made him take a blood alcohol test, which he failed. They then arranged for his car to be taken away by crane.

As the crane began to remove the vehicle, the man lunged towards one of the police officers and bit a part of his little finger off.

A picture taken in the immediate aftermath of the incident shows the officer's bloodied, incomplete hand.

The officer was taken to Getafe Hospital but they were not able to reattach his finger tip, according to the City Council.

The offender has reportedly been charged and released. El Mundo reports that several agents have complained that he was not detained as a precautionary measure.

In 2014, a father from Florida was forced to kill his pet dog after the animal bit off his 11-year-old son's little finger.

The dog attacked the boy, biting the finger from his left hand and injuring his forearm. The father responded by shooting the dog dead and then recovering the severed digit from its stomach.