Selfridges have lifted a suspension on a member of staff who refused to serve EDL leader Tommy Robinson at the upmarket shop.

Controversy followed Selfridges' decision to suspend the man after he told the leader of the controversial anti-Muslim group he would not serve his friend at the Selfridges store in Oxford Street.

The incident was captured on video by Robinson. During the exchange between the pair, the unidentified man told him: "F*** off, I'm not serving you," adding: "You can put me on camera all you like, I'm not serving you."

Following the clash, Robinson enjoyed an expensive meal on behalf of the shop by way of an apology.

Selfridges' actions sparked condemnation on Twitter from some pundits, including author Owen Jones, who tweeted: "For shame Selfridges, for your treatment of worker who stood up to racist gangster / convicted thug Tommy Robinson." It was retweeted more than 200 times. Others said shop staff should not pick and choose whom to serve.

The world famous department store defended the move to suspend the unidentified man, who has worked for seven years at the firm. But he has now been reinstated in his job.

A Selfridges spokesman told IBTimes UK: "After the internal investigation was completed this morning, the suspension was lifted. He has worked with us for seven years and has an unblemished record. Witnesses corroborated his story. He was suspended because it is our policy dating back to 1909 to welcome everyone in to our stores.

"The lunch was offered as a good will gesture for not being served and that was done by the manager because everyone is welcome at Selfridges and we do not refused to serve people on the basis of their politics."