Activision brings more joy to the gamer community by revealing some interesting tidbits of initial gameplay while also discussing a new mode - Strike Force - for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 at E3 2012. The sequel to the critically acclaimed original - Call of Duty: Black Ops - is apparently set to around 2025. The upcoming game will feature David Mason, the son of Alex Mason, a presumed dead supporting character from Black Ops.

The futuristic world of tomorrow is defined by the advent of technology that showcases unmanned drones and mechanised tanks that will control the fate of war, as the US and the rest of the world are under massive attack in a presumable World War 3-like scenario. The Activision and Treyarch combine have unveiled key pieces of the single-player campaign through the game demo, while also detailing a new standalone feature called Strike Force.

According to DigitalTrends, the demo is set to begin halfway through the game, portraying scenes from Los Angeles dated 19 June, 2025. The city is apparently under attack from enemy troops and unmanned drones timed in a series of strikes across the US. The prime targets including the Pentagon, Washington DC and Wall Street and the attacks are led by a man named Menedez. Worse still, they occur precisely at the hour of a meeting of global leaders, scheduled in Los Angeles.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Unmanned Drones Photo: Activision/Treyarch Treyarch

The demo begins with a scene showing Mason guarding the President's convoy while under attack and then shifts to his heroic effort with the SAM turret against drones. However, the SAM turret is soon destroyed and the fight shifts to street level.

Unlike previous editions in the franchise, the player will be granted open world access in a sandbox style game. Besides, you will have a choice to make in the way you counter enemy attacks. For example, you can either protect the president or rappel down the ground and take control of the streets.

The game's protagonist - Mason - is presented with a few impressive weapon tweaks, which enable him to use x-ray scopes and a power-up shot that can shoot through walls. Advanced combat mechanics enable Mason to take the aid of an FA-38 for "armoured overwatch" protection against enemy soldiers and armoured vehicles. Later in the game, the player can take control of friendly drones to gain an edge in challenging situations like taking out waves of enemy soldiers with relatively effortless ease.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Strike Force standalone feature Photo: Activision/Treyarch Activision/Treyarch

In related news, Dave Anthony, the Game Director for Call of Duty: Black Ops revealed a few interesting tidbits on what the sequel has to offer, in an interview with T3 at E3 2012 this week.

"We sat down and tried to work out how we could surprise people. Multiplayer is no different to that. We've made a real emphasis on the social side of this because we know people play this with a lot of friends with the focus on trying to encompass all of that in the experience. I think it's going to blow people away," explained Anthony, hinting at how Treyarch had revamped the multiplayer action in the upcoming sequel to Black Ops.

Anthony spilt another little tidbit, revealing what inspired their decision to take a futuristic approach for the sequel. He hinted at key roles for Wired for War author Peter Singer in crafting the story, with renewed focus on unmanned vehicles, geopolitics and a female President.

"Peter is looking at how the world is going to be trading in 2025, he was our one stop solution for what the world was going to look like. We didn't want this to feel sci-fi, we wanted it to feel like this could actually happen. Peter was invaluable from that point of view," asserted Anthony, appreciating the efforts of his staff in creating a refreshingly new feel to the sequel of massively hit original - Black Ops.

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