Mario Maker
Nintendo Enthusiast

Nintendo could reveal Mario Maker at E3 2014 next week.

A leaked image from Nintendo Enthusiast appears to show a poster for a new Nintendo game that would allow players to create their own platforming levels like those in the iconic Super Mario Bros series.

Such pictures of posters and banners around Los Angeles always appear the weekend before E3, sometimes fake, but regardless of whether it's real or not this is an incredible idea that many gamers are hoping is real.

The poster is seen in the vicinity of some Wii U stations set up to let E3 attendees play the latest games. However it's not clear whether the game would be for the ailing home console, Nintendo's 3DS handheld or indeed both.

If such a game does exist, being able to share your created levels would presumably be a feature as well.

We'll know for sure when Nintendo broadcasts its E3 showcase online at 5pm BST on Tuesday 11 June.