Max Branning is set to take revenge on all those who wronged him in this year's Christmas special BBC

The hype surrounding EastEnders' explosive Christmas Day episode gets bigger everyday and now Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning on the soap, has hailed his revenge storyline as the best script he has read in years.

Wood revealed that Max, who is on a warpath against those who wronged him and left him to rot in jail, will stop at nothing to extract his vengeance.

Wood told The Sun: "Max goes on a murderous, psychotic bender— but it's just another day at work, really.

"It is all coming to a head and hopefully, in years to come, it will be seen as one of the best and most iconic Christmas episodes ever.

"These are definitely some of the most intense scenes I've ever filmed, but it's what we do, and my job is to make Max as real as possible."

The last few weeks has seen Max's revenge plans unravel. He was humiliated by James Willmott-Brown (William Boyde) and is shunned by his entire family including his brother Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

With nothing left to lose, Max is determined to finally get his revenge. He will stop at nothing, even if it means he has to go on a murderous rampage. He's really going for the kill this time.

The Christmas episode will also see Max lock horns with Phil Mitchell.

In a short teaser released by BBC, Phil is seen warning his nemesis: "You're over, Max."

Speaking about the Christmas plot line, Wood said: "The next couple weeks is crazy. I think this is the best!

"The two episodes that go out on Christmas Day are the best I've ever read on the show in 12 years. If we've done them justice, they'll be amazing."

Explaining his character's storyling, the actor said: "Max felt very wronged by the community that he was left to rot for years in jail and he was innocent.

"I think he thought that was his way forward, that he would get revenge on everyone so that would give him an income."

Wood also admitted that even after all the wrongdoings, Max can still be redeemed.

He said: "That was always the debate, wasn't it, if Max can be redeemed. I've always felt that he can be because I've always felt that what he's done has been out of a very genuine feeling of being done wrong but obviously, the things that they've done are not the best."

EastEnders will air an hour-long special on Christmas Day at 9pm on BBC One.

Watch the Christmas trailer here: