A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story follows Ralphie Parker and his family's sweet and sour experiences during the holiday season Fox

Fox is set to bring back holiday cheers by reviving the old classic holiday film A Christmas Story. The network will treat viewers to a three-hour live musical broadcast that will bring back Raphie and his family to their fans' living rooms.

The live show will air on Sunday, 17 December at 7pm ET (12:00 am Monday, in the UK) live on Fox. Click here to watch the musical live stream online on the network's official website. You can also watch it on FoxNow via on your Android, iPhone and Kindle Fire.

Set in 1940s Indiana, the story is based on the comical short stories written by humorist Jean Shepherd. The story follows Ralphie Parker who revisits his childhood memories of one Christmas when his nine-year-old self has a rude desire to own a Red Ryder BB gun which he asked everyone to gift him on Christmas.

However, his wish is denied by his mother, teacher, and even the man dressed as Santa Claus in a departmental store. All the rejections come with a warning: "You'll shoot your eye out." The quote from the 1983 movie has since become insanely popular.

On the morning of Christmas, Ralphie opens all his presents under a tree but gets disappointed as his wish has not been fulfilled by Santa. However, to his surprise, his father gifts him a gun. Ralphie gets hit when he tries his new gift in the backyard. This scares him and he thinks he has actually shot himself in the eye.

There are various interesting incidents in the story. In one, the Old Man (Ralphie's father) gets an awkward lampshade in the shape of a woman's leg as a major award irking Mrs Parker.

Two-time Tony Award winner Matthew Broderick will play the adult Ralphie, looking back at his favourite childhood Christmas memories and will narrate the whole three-hour story. Eleven-year-old newcomer Andy Walken will play the young protagonist. Emmy Award nominee Maya Rudolph and Chris Diamantopoulos will play Ralphie's parents while Tony winner Jane Krakowski will be his teacher.

"It's like pushing the baby out now. We've been having contractions for a while now. I think I'm ready to push," Rudolph says about her upcoming live performance in the rendition of the classic holiday tale.