Dot's cat Dave has passed away BBC

EastEnders viewers are still getting over the shock news that Robbie Fowler's pooch Wellard II died off screen, but they're in for another blow as a fan-favourite character has kicked the bucket.

Fans of the BBC soap discovered that another character had been brutally killed off as people were wondering why Dot Cotton's cat Dave had been missing for a while.

Robbie was searching all over Albert Square for the feline in Thursday night's (6 July) episode, despite being scared of his grandmother's pet.

To his horror, Robbie found him dead in a bin, and was forced to tell his sister Sonia Fowler by claiming: "I found Dave".

Sonia thought this was great news at first, but Robbie soon lifted up the bin to show her the cat's remains, and EastEnders fans were devastated to hear the news.

Viewers were quick to react to his death, with one person tweeting: "Farewell to the most iconic #EastEnders character of recent years. Goodbye Dave. You'll never be forgotten."

Someone else wrote: "#EastEnders. Time to Boycott , How could they kill Dave".

A third added: "Dave is the best actor on #eastenders they can't kill him off!"

It was only on Monday night's episode that Sonia revealed that Wellard II was no more, telling Dot: "Robbie lost Wellard II a while back!"

The Belgian Tervuren first appeared in the soap back on 18 October 1994 and became EastEnders' longest-serving pet before being killed off on 15 August 2008. Though the character is male, he has been played primarily by three female dogs.

Viewers were displeased to hear of his death, with one viewer tweeting: "It's not right Robbie being back on the Square without a dog. Bring on Wellard the Third!"

Another put: "Oh no, Wellard II died as well."

EastEnders continues tonight (7 July) at 8pm on BBC1.