The Easter weekend will be dry and sunnier following heavy snowfall that has hit the country in the recent days, say weather forecasters.

Despite the sun coming out during the Easter weekend, forecasters believe that the cold weather will persist in the country with temperatures going below the normal late March, early April standard.

Sky News weather forecaster Isobel Lang said the sun's rays will be warmer due to the oncoming high pressure. She believes due to the high pressure, the sun will "gain strength and warmth at this time of the year it should feel much more pleasant despite the below average temperatures".

With a chilly Easter weekend looming in the country, around 2 million Britons have decided to holiday in the warmer climes, with Turkey, Egypt, Florida and Spain being the popular destinations for sunbathers. France and Austria are the other popular destination for ski slope fans.

This has been the coldest March in the UK since 1962. The Met Office confirmed that the mean temperature between 1-26 March was a lowly 2.5C, three degrees below the long term average making it the joint-fourth coldest year since 1910.

Despite a more pleasant weather predicted for the Easter weekend, there are chances of light snow showers in the east of the country tonight.

But Lang said that Good Friday will see a cold but bright start to the day, and is expected to remain dry through the Easter weekend. The weather between Saturday and Easter Monday is likely to remain frosty and cold but with "some cheerier sunnier spells".

"Friday will see some changes in the southwest with cloud, patchy rain and a strong east wind setting in. The rain should peter out and clear later but it will remain windy across the southwest and southern Ireland.