Football player Ibrahim Toumkara, 16, was tormented during a school match when rival players directed "Ebola" chants toward him.

The incident took place in the US state of Pennsylvania. The Nazareth School teenager was "left in tears" when players for Northampton district school shouted "Ebola" at him.

Toumkara's mother and father are in Guinea, which is one of the West African countries in the grips of the Ebola outbreak,

The spread of Ebola from West Africa has caused alarm, with cases emerging in the United States amid mounting concerns at the slow response by the international community.

Being tormented with Ebola chants was enormously distressing, said police: "There were tears coming down his eyes. He was visibly shaken by this; that it got to that level on the field."

Outcry over the event led to the resignations of Northampton's coach and assistant coach.

Speaking to local media, Toumkara said: "I'm really disappointed in the outcome — that things came down to what they did in the end."