An English Defence League activist whose profile picture on Facebook was more Monty Python than English patriotism has been a very naughty boy.

Guramit Singh Kalirai posted the image of a wannabe crusader brandishing a sword, but the 31-year-old himself failed to stand up and face justice by going on the run from prison.

Singh, who was on trial at Nottingham Crown Court for taking part in an attempted armed robbery, fled the court hearing and was jailed for six and a half years in his absence last week. He denied any involvement but was convicted by the jury.

Singh has spent 10 days evading capture and accuses police of stitching him up by claiming they intimidated witnesses out of testifying on his behalf.

Singh is unusual in the predominantly white anti-Muslim group by being an Asian Sikh. He has been a senior member of the far-right EDL group and led the Sikh faction. Members wear T-shirts with the slogan 'Don't freak, I'm Sikh' for fellow supporters who cannot tell Sikhs from Muslims.

Proclaiming his innocence in a lengthy Facebook post, Singh said police had been "harsh" on him and said he would turn himself in only when he had a new lawyer.

"The police are playing a very harsh game with me for whatever reason, I decided to not turn up to the trial knowing this was not going to be a fair outcome." He continued: "I have been in touch with the Metropolitan Police and have agreed to hand myself in."

Singh and Robinson share platform at EDL event
Singh and Robinson share platform at EDL event

He was convicted along with two other men of tying up a man and threatening to slash his throat during a raid on a hydroponics shop in Nottingham.

Singh has appeared on stage with EDL leader Tommy Robinson, but Robinson said Singh was no longer a member of the group.