An eight-year-old boy became the victim of a vicious dog attack in his own home. The reportedly unsupervised child was alone when the two large rottweilers set upon him in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Suffering horrendous injuries, the child was in a critical condition overnight. On Monday morning, he died due to his injuries. Both the dogs were removed from the home and euthanised. Gardaí is investigating the incident.

On Sunday, the unnamed victim was in his home. Two rottweiler dogs belonging to the family were with the unsupervised child. The two large dogs ferociously attacked the child at around 4 pm. No other family members were reportedly injured during the attack.

Emergency services were alerted of the attack. It is not known who made the call to emergency services and why they were not with the child when the attack took place. Responding to the call, emergency services arrived at the home in Tallaght.

The boy first received emergency medical assistance at his home before being rushed to Tallaght Hospital. From there, the child was taken to Children's Health Ireland at Crumlin. He remained in critical condition at the hospital all night fighting for his life.

On Monday, a Gardai spokesperson announced that the child had succumbed to his wounds at the hospital. The spokesperson assured that the Gardai are investigating the incident to piece together the events leading up to the tragedy. After the investigation, it will be decided if the family will face criminal charges.

Rottweilers are one of the 11 dog breeds which have ownership restrictions in the Republic of Ireland. However, most of the rules under the Control of Dogs (Restriction of Certain Dogs) Regulations deal with the handling of the dogs in public space.

The Sun reported that the dogs were confiscated by the dog warden. Both animals were put to sleep after the attack on the child.

dog attack
8-year-old succumbed to his injuries after being mauled by family's pet rottweilers. Met Police