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Looks chilly, I'd better bring a Daedric coat. Bethesda

Fans who have been waiting for the arrival of "The Elder Scrolls 6" release date are a bit concerned about a recent "Avowed" rumour. According to reports, "Avowed" could be arriving as soon as the second quarter of 2024, which makes it possible that it may release much earlier than "Fable 4" and "The Elders Scrolls 6."

Role-playing games that feature sprawling worlds that players can explore to discover items and locations still remain as popular as ever. While it is yet to be confirmed if "Avowed" is an open world, rumours already suggest that the upcoming title might have a world even larger than Skyrim's, according to GameRant. Now, some are concerned that an earlier-than-expected "Avowed" release could also affect other open-world role-playing games that will likely be released around the same time.

Simply put, the recent rumour about the earlier "Avowed" release date could mean potential delays for games with similar release dates. It is a known fact in the gaming industry that large studio releases, perhaps due to the amount of spotlight focused on them, tend to completely overshadow other games released around the same period especially if they belong to the same genre are share some similarities.

As a result, developers are now careful when scheduling their titles' releases. For instance, indie studio Nine Dot Studios was reportedly hesitant to release the definitive edition of "Outward" due to the "Elden Ring."

According to GameRant, the two most notable games that could be affected by the rumoured "Avowed" release date are "Fable" and "The Elder Scrolls 6."

"All three games share a similar aesthetic, that being a medieval fantasy RPG with magic and monsters. Though each game has its own distinctive style, sharing close release dates may inhibit their respective sales," the publication explained.

Of course, these are all speculations for now as there is no official announcement for "The Elder Scrolls 6" release date at the moment. Todd Howard previously hinted that the upcoming game is still years away and no release window has been revealed yet.