An 80-year-old Spanish tourist has been denounced for attacking one of Italy's most renowned monuments after he defecated in the ruins of Pompeii.

The unnamed tourist is said to have been caught short in the Casa del Menandro, one of the homes best preserved in the ancient city. According to El Mundo, the man's wife helped him by keeping look out.

The elderly man was suffering from incontinence and could not wait to go to the toilet, according to reports.

Italian newspaper Il Mattino di Napoli reported that the warm weather in the Naples region and the man's rather large meal did not help his situation.

Her attitude and actions caught the attention of a watchman, who caught the man crouched and with his pants down. The watchman quickly called Italy's military police force, the carabinieri .

According to El Mundo, the carabinieri did not believe the report and chalked it up as a misunderstanding. However, when they reached the scene, they were met with the undeniable evidence.

As if the incident were not troublesome on its own, it coincided with the government visit of the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and Territorial Cohesion Claudio De Vincenti, who were in Pompeii to launch a new nocturnal route called 'A Night in Pompeii'.