Ed Miliband mobbed by screaming
Ed Miliband mobbed by screaming women @anna_heaford /Twitter

Labour leader Ed Miliband had a brief glimpse into the rock star lifestyle on Saturday (18 April), when his tour bus was mobbed by screaming women.

His campaign coach was parked outside a hotel in Knutsford, Cheshire as he prepared to head back to London after campaigning in Wirral and Chester racecourse.

After one of the members of a 25-strong hen party stepped outside the hotel for a cigarette, Miliband found his campaign coach surrounded by a swarm of eager women demanding to see the prospective prime minister.

Telling the hens it was "one of the more interesting" requests of the campaign so far, a Labour staffer took bride-to-be Nicola Braithwaite on board for a private meeting with the leader of the opposition, before she excitedly rejoined her friends outside and told them she'd snagged a photo with him.

To cries of "Ed, Ed, Ed!" Miliband dutifully emerged and stood at the door of the coach for a photo op with the loud ladies, who chanted "selfie, selfie!"

He even hi-fived a couple of them.

He seemed to make a good impression, with one of the women exclaiming: "he's so adorable!"