Billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk has said that he will quit White House advisory councils if the United States decided to withdraw from the Paris climate deal.

US President Donald Trump is making up his mind on the climate deal with a series of tweets saying his decision would come soon.

On Twitter on Wednesday (31 May), the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Musk said he was lobbying the administration to stay in the global deal aimed at mitigating the likely devastating effects of global warming.

Musk said: "Don't know which way Paris will go, but I've done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain".

When asked by a follower what he would do if the US pulls out of the deal, Musk replied: "Will have no choice but to depart councils in that case".

The climate deal brings together 195 countries on climate change. If the US leaves, it would join just two other countries who have declined the deal: Nicaragua and Syria.

On the campaign trail, Trump pledged to leave the deal once he entered office. Although the decision has not officially been made, reports in recent days have said those close to the president believe he has made the choice to leave.

Before entering politics, Trump famously called climate change a concept that was "created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive."

At the recent G7 meeting, other world leaders are understood to have urged Trump to stay inside the agreement, though the US did not commit to the deal as other leaders did.

Co-chair of the congressional caucus, the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, Representative Paul Tonko said: "Pulling out of the Paris agreement would be a global embarrassment for the United States at the hands of this President", adding that even Shell and Exxon have supported the agreement.

"These companies know that if we fail to address climate change, there will be serious consequences for our economy," he added.