Elon Musk
Busy CEO Elon Musk prioritises sleep now (6 hrs/night) despite past all-nighters. Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is a figure known for his controversial statements and actions. Despite this reputation, he maintains a daily routine that might surprise you. One such habit is a stubborn one he's trying to conquer.

This habit is a big revelation as it points out that Musk, despite his achievements and portfolio, is just like the rest of us. The habit: Checking his phone first thing in the morning.

In a 2022 interview on the Full Send Podcast, Musk acknowledged struggling to keep himself from checking his phone first thing in the morning. He even called it 'a terrible habit' he was trying to break. This struggle with digital distraction is a common one in today's world, even for someone as successful and disciplined as Musk.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Musk still checks his phone for urgent matters in the morning. This report aligns with his continued activity on the platform he now owns, X (formerly known as Twitter).

It is still unclear whether the 52-year-old billionaire dedicates scheduled social media engagement remains unclear, but his frequent presence suggests he's a regular on the app.

"Some days I wake up and look at Twitter to see if it's still working," Musk told Walter Isaacson in the "Elon Musk" biography.

Musk's Morning Routine

In a 2023 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Musk revealed a sleep schedule that might raise eyebrows. He typically hits the sack around 3 am and wakes up at roughly 9 am six hours later. Despite this seemingly short sleep duration, Musk has often spoke about the importance of quality sleep and how it contributes to his productivity.

When it comes to breakfast also, it seems the billionaire has a taste for sweets. Though his playful tweet to a doctor in 2023 claiming a daily "doughnut" breakfast might have been a nudge and a wink, a look through Musk's social media reveals a genuine fondness for the pastry. However, moderation seems to be Musk's motto, even regarding doughnuts.

"I only have 0.4 doughnuts at a time because my brain neural network quantizes it down to 0 doughnuts," he revealed in an X post in October.

Interestingly, showering also ranks high on Musk's list of daily priorities. In a 2015 Reddit AMA, when a user inquired about the habit that most positively impacted his life, Musk's response was surprising yet straightforward – 'Showering.' This highlights the importance he places on personal hygiene and self-care, even in the midst of his busy schedule.

He Selects a Tesla for His Daily Drive

Given his position as CEO of a top electric vehicle manufacturer, Musk understandably has a diverse Tesla fleet at his disposal for his daily drive.

Musk playfully acknowledged on X that his daily commute involves a choice many can only dream of: Cybertruck's raw power or the convenience of Tesla's self-driving Model S, highlighting the perks of leading a top automobile company.

Despite recent criticism from owners regarding braking issues, the Cybertruck has maintained a high profile since its November launch. Celebrity sightings and a steady stream of social media posts keep the unconventional electric truck in the spotlight.

Musk's Weightlifting Routine

Musk's commitment to exercise has fluctuated over time. In a 2021 interview with Joe Rogan, he even admitted skipping exercise altogether if possible. However, he has also emphasized the importance of physical activity for his overall well-being and mental clarity. This balance between work and exercise is a constant struggle for many, including Musk.

"I rarely work out, except for picking up my kids & throwing them in the air," he said on X in June 2023. However, two months later, he made headlines by claiming to be "lifting hard almost every day."

This shift in attitude coincided with online speculation about a potential fight between Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Last year, Musk put these speculations to rest by admitting that he was only "joking" about the cage fight with his tech rival.

Musk's workdays can stretch through the entire night, a testament to his dedication and the demanding nature of his work. This is particularly true during periods of intense projects or crises, when Musk is known to be deeply involved in finding solutions and making strategic decisions.

Musk strategically allocates his time based on the most pressing issue, referring to it as the "crisis of the moment" in a 2021 interview.

This intense workload is evident in a social media exchange from January 2023. One astute user on X highlighted Musk's marathon day, which included a morning court appearance, an evening event at a Tesla factory in Nevada, and concluding the night working on Tesla's AI development.

Musk's response confirmed his presence at "Twitter HQ past midnight" as well, further solidifying the demanding nature of his schedule.

"I go to sleep, I wake up, I work, go to sleep, wake up, work—do that seven days a week," Musk told the Journal in 2023. "I'll have to do that for a while — no choice — but I think once Twitter is set on the right path, it will be much easier to manage than SpaceX or Tesla."

"Tesla constitutes the majority of my work time, and I work almost every day of the week. It's rare for me to take a Sunday afternoon off," Musk said on the Tesla earnings call in April 2024.

Going to Bed and Waking Up

Previously known for workaholic tendencies that often meant minimal sleep, Musk revealed to CNBC in May 2023 that he's ditched the all-nighters and now strives for at least six hours of rest each night. This change in sleep schedule is a reflection of his evolving approach to work-life balance and self-care, as he recognizes the importance of rest for his overall well-being and productivity.

Isaacson's biography details numerous instances where Musk burned the midnight oil, grappling with the challenges facing his companies.

His work ethic has historically included unconventional sleep arrangements, with nights spent on factory floors at Tesla or company offices documented in the past.

Following his acquisition of Twitter in 2022, Musk practically set up camp at the company's San Francisco headquarters. He even admitted to occasionally catching some sleep on a couch in the library.

Wearing many hats, Musk leads massive tech companies and has fathered ten children. His net worth of $188 billion, according to Forbes, is primarily derived from his stakes in Tesla and SpaceX, which he co-founded. This makes Musk the world's third-richest person.

Musk's success wasn't achieved through a typical workweek. The tech mogul famously adheres to a demanding schedule, which previously required him to work 120 hours per week. This intense work ethic has undoubtedly had an impact on his personal life and relationships.

Despite his demanding schedule, Elon Musk shares some surprising commonalities with the average person. Like many of us, he enjoys a morning indulgence and catches up on social media. This relatability is what makes his daily routine intriguing and worth exploring.