A plethora of staff is involved in the planning and organisation of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II's reign as the British monarch. Despite all the officials and palace aides keeping a close eye on all the arrangements, an embarrassing and unredeemable mistake has crept up.

Due to a translation error, thousands of souvenirs marking the platinum jubilee are now carrying an embarrassing misprint. Over 10,000 mugs, tea sets, and decorative plates have been printed with the word "Jubbly" instead of jubilee.

The souvenirs feature a framed illustration of the Queen surrounded by images featured in her coat of arms. The golden frame carrying the illustration read, "the platinum jubbly of Queen Elizabeth II." As the mistake makes it difficult to sell the items, Wholesale Clearance U.K. has stepped in to try to sell the full stock for £32,400.

Wholesale Clearance UK, wholesalers of bankrupt stock, stated on its website that they were approached by a Chinese manufacturing company to help them sell the souvenirs after their fulfilment Partner in the UK decided they would not take the items due to the error.

"On arrival at Southampton docks a few weeks ago, upon inspection, it became apparent that there was a slight printing/translation error which now leaves these without a home. So may we present to you, 10,800 items of limited edition Queen's Platinum Jubilee tea sets, Mugs and decorative plates for purchase," the description of the product read.

The company stated in its sales pitch that there are still a few things that can be done with the souvenirs despite the obvious misprint. It explained, "These are...as you say...the Creme de la Menthe! So if you are a fan of the Queen and Del Boy...two birds with one stone! Apart from the obvious gimmick factor, there is an abundance of fantastic things you could do with these."

Their suggestions to the buyer were to "become an Only Fools and Horses fan and wow your friends with your Lovely Jubbly set" or to "take-up plate spinning as a hobby."

A spokesperson for Wholesale Clearance UK told the BBC about selling the defective items, "There's a market for everything."

Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, pictured on October 12, 2021, will mark 70-years of her reign as the monarch this year. Photo: POOL / Frank Augstein POOL / Frank Augstein