Eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers spotted a blunder on Tuesday night's (10 October) episode when Ross and Pete Barton rummaged through their dead brother Finn's belongings in a confusing scene.

Psycho mum Emma accidentally shot Finn last week when she fled from Adam in the woods, and he began bleeding to death when he tried to call for help, with his phone running out of battery just as he could have been saved.

He ended up flagging down Cain and Harriet's car the next morning but he lost so much blood that he tragically died in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest.

So fans of the ITV soap were a little bewildered when Ross and Pete went through Finn's belongings, breaking viewers' hearts when they found his glasses, before picking up his phone that bizarrely had power.

They reminisced about Finn's fake police badge that he used to trick the drug dealers before Pete started operating his phone, which everyone knew had died of battery before he passed away.

Ross said: "Won't be needing that anymore. Suppose one of us should go through his contacts and tell anyone we haven't spoken to about the funeral."

Peter replied: "I'm not sure I can face it," before handing the supposedly dead phone to Ross who scrolled through his contacts.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion on the scene, with one person writing: "#emmerdale when Finn was shop his phone was dead. But Ross as just received it back & able to go through his contacts without charging it".

Another caught on, tweeting: "His phone still has battery?? What kind of phone did Finn have?! #Emmerdale".

finn barton
Finn almost bled to death after being accidentally shot by Emma in the woods ITV

A third person said: "How has Finns phone battery got life on it for Ross to look thru contacts? It was dying when he got shot? #emmerdale".

Others were heartbroken at the boys going through Finn's stuff, with one person simply saying: "Aww Ross and Pete going through Finn's stuff. #Emmerdale".

Perhaps we'll find out tonight why Finn's mobile phone still had battery as Emmerdale continues at 7pm on ITV.