England manager Roy Hodgson said on Monday (16 November) that he is glad that the friendly international against France will go ahead as a sign of support after Friday's (13 November) attacks in Paris.

The game had been in doubt after more than 120 people were killed in separate attacks in Paris and near the Stade de France just north of the French capital on Friday evening, where France were playing Germany. However the French football federation (FFF) said on Saturday (14 November) that the match should go ahead which Hodgson said was a good opportunity for England to show its solidarity.

"I think any opportunity that the world of football has to do good should be taken because it is something which affects a lot of people's lives. If the French authorities feel, as they obviously did, that this football match going ahead is a major statement on their behalf to help them continue their fight against terrorism, and they've had some pretty bad incidents even before the one on Friday night, if we can show our solidarity, if that helps in any way, then we're delighted," said Hodgson at their North London training ground in Enfield.

"We'll do our best to make a really good game of it, but we can't deny the seriousness of the occasion, we can't deny the fact that this game is special it's not a normal friendly because it's occurring only four days is it after the unbelievable terror attack and unfortunately that's going to be lingering over everybody whether we like it or not."

England captain Wayne Rooney added his condolences on behalf of all of the players and said that the game would be a chance for the French team to do their country proud.

"We have to try and be as respectful as we can and then obviously there's a football match and it'll be tough I'm sure for the French players but I'm sure it will be a chance for them to try and do their country proud," he said.