Antony Britton
Antony Britton performed the stunt as an attempt to raise money for a multiple sclerosis charity YouTube/Escape for Life

A wannabe Houdini managed to cheat death after one of his stunts involving being suspended by a burning rope while wearing a straitjacket went wrong.

Escapologist Antony Britton dislocated one of his shoulders and suffered burns to his body after ropes he was dangling upside down burned through quicker than expected.

He was performing at the Escape for Life in Bradford and attempting to raise money for a multiple sclerosis charity.

The daredevil planned to wriggle free from his straitjacket while suspended from three burning ropes.

However, a sudden gust of strong wind caused the ropes to burn through quicker than anticipated.

He was forced to dislocate his shoulder and be lowered down by the safety officials before the third and final rope burnt off, therefore managing to avoid being sent plummeting to the ground.

He said: "The ropes burned through too quickly. I can usually count on 60 seconds before the first rope burns through but it was more like 45 seconds, which was too fast.

"The second rope went after 60 seconds and the third would have been another 30 seconds before that burned through.

"I had to 'pop' my right shoulder to get free more quickly and the safety team were all for lowering me before I'd got out of the straitjacket but I was determined I was going to do it."

Britton has had similar misfortune with one of his stunts before. In 2012, a burning rope he was suspended from broke halfway through his stunt and his trousers were set on fire.

Correction: The article originally said the event took place in Huddersfield and not Bradford.