With 100 days left to go until the start of the Olympic Games in London, visitors from around the world are planning their trips to Britain.

But how will the influx of tourists get by in a country so consciously governed by manners and etiquette? Let alone the mine field of cutting scones the right way, drinking tea with or without using your pinkie and as for not discussing the social taboos of sex,religion and money -what on earth will we find to talk to our foreign visitors about I wonder?

Expert consultant William Hanson advises the right way to behave at quintessentially British formal functions.

Starting with money

William then moves onto saying sorry

Then it's onto what to do with your pinkie, that's the little finger, if anyone is wondering

And then finally William goes for the big one, that tests our British reserve-kissing, strictly in a formal setting that is!

And if you fail to follow his advice