French police have arrested six men with five others being injured in the third day of fighting in Marseille - with reports of organised Russian hooligans hunting down England fans. The port area of the city has become a battleground as French locals, Russian fans and Three Lions supporters clash.

Reports have emerged from the city that an organised gang of 20 or more Russian fans dressed in black have been hunting down English supporters. In a number of sickening videos that have emerged online, older England fans have been targeted by Russian thugs as tear gas clouds the air.

Some footage shows a man being punched in the head as he lay helpless on the ground in the waterfront city, as chairs are hurled around them. Police in the French city of Marseille fired water cannons ahead of England's first game of Euro 2016 against Russia at the Stade Velodrome on 11 June.

The latest violence follows two days of disturbances in the port area of the city with English fans claiming they have also been provoked by local 'Ultras'. Dozens of English fans have been seen throwing bottles at police in riot gear and hurling chairs in the street.

Sky TV's Paul Kelso says Russian fans are suspected of being involved in the worst of the violence. He said: "In the last hour, there has been a really ugly development. A gang of what appears to be Russian supporters, hooligans, very well organised, stormed into the old port area and looked for English fans to attack.

"Bottles being hurled at England fans and what appears to be a lack of containment. Lots of injuries. Head injuries. Some nasty cuts and the police, whatever tactics they tried to employ, clearly hasn't worked."

Their behaviour has been criticised by Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham, who said they were "embarrassing" their country. In a series of tweets, the Labour MP Burnham hit out at fans causing trouble for French police wearing riot gear, by throwing bottles at them.

fans clash
England supporters throw projectiles at the old port of Marseille before the game. REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier