Fans of Northern Ireland and Poland were provoked into street fights by local French 'ultras' in Nice on Saturday 12 June. Police dispersed the two groups who threw punches and bottles, injuring seven.

Local paper, Nice Matin, reported that around 20 Nice fans arrived at an open-air pub where Northern Ireland and Poland fans were drinking and proceeded to sing the Marseillaise in an attempt to provoke the other group. The fighting started after one of the Ultras threw a bottle.

Dozens of bottles were thrown from both sides, as well as tables and chairs reportedly also used as missiles. One shop window was smashed during the brawls. Quick reactions from French police managed to end the scuffles before more were injured.

Witnesses reported that the Northern Ireland and Poland fans had been "mixing well" with videos afterwards showing the two groups dancing and singing in the street. The incident was short but footage from the scene showed hundreds involved.

Poland and Northern Ireland are set to face each other on Sunday 12 June at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice. The match will be the first game for both sides in a Euro competition that has already been marred with violence.

After a 1-1 draw on Saturday night, Russian fans stormed the England stands attacking supporters as they tried to flee. Before and after the match a number of other violent incident took place between fans of the two countries, leaving several people injured.