Thousands of people gathered at Copenhagen Tivoli on Sunday (May 19) to catch a glimpse of the newly crowned Eurovision Song Contest winner Emmelie de Forest.

De Forest won the contest the previous evening before an international television audience of around 125 million, clinching the coveted crown of euro-pop with a folksy ballad backed by a wall of fire, flutes and drums.

The barefoot 20-year-old blonde stole the show as predicted by bookmakers with "Only Teardrops" in a final that saw 26 countries battle it out in the southern Swedish city of Malmo for the top prize in glitzy European pop music.

On Sunday she returned to Denmark - just a short drive across the Oresund bridge from Malmo - to greet the enthusiastic crowd at the venerable Copenhagen amusement park.

Denmark has won the contest twice before - most recently in 2000 with the Olsen Brothers' "Fly on the Wings of Love".

Azerbaijan took second place in the competition with "Hold Me", followed by third place for Ukraine with "Gravity". Bonnie Tyler who performed for the UK came in at 19th place.

De Forest's victory means the contest will move just across the bridge to Denmark next year, keeping the contest in the Nordics for a second year running after Sweden's Loreen won last year's contest in Azerbaijan with her dance track "Euphoria".

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