Sawyer Sweeten and Sullivan Sweeten
Sawyer Sweeten, left, and his twin brother Sullivan at the Everybody Loves Raymond wrap party in 2005 Kevin Winter/Getty

Former Everybody Loves Raymond star Sawyer Sweeten has shot himself dead at his home in Texas.

The 19-year-old actor is said to have killed himself on his front porch on Thursday 23 April.

Doris Roberts
Doris Roberts played Sweeten\'s on-screen grandmother Frazer Harrison/Getty

His sister Madilyn Sweeten, who also played his sister on the television show, released a statement to the press through her publicist stating: "This morning a terrible family tragedy has occurred.

"We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend, Sawyer Sweeten, took his own life. He was weeks away from his 20th birthday. At this sensitive time, our family requests privacy and we beg of you to reach out to the ones you love."

She later wrote a Facebook status encouraging her followers to "reach out to the ones you love" and to ensure that they "have no doubt what they mean to you".

Sweeten played Ray Romano's son, Geoffrey Barone, on Everybody Loves Raymond from 1996 until 2005, alongside his twin brother, Sullivan Sweeten. The twins were just 16 months old when they joined the sitcom.

Patricia Heaton, who played his on-screen mother, Debra Barone, tweeted about Sweeten saying: "[He] was a funny and exceptionally bright young man. He is gone from us far too soon."

Doris Roberts, who played Marie Barone, paid tribute to her young co-star on Facebook: "It is with great sadness that I learned the news that Sawyer Sweeten, who played my grandson Geoffrey Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, died at his family's home in Texas.

"He was a very sweet young man who will be dearly missed. Make sure your loved ones know how much you care about them, and please check in with them if you haven't touched base with them for a while. It's very important to keep in touch."

Neither Sweeten not his twin acted again after the final season of Everybody Loves Raymond finished.