The breakup between former FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and Colombian pop sensation Shakira continues to intrigue their fans. Even though the pair announced their split more than six months ago, fresh evidence continues to come out regarding the root cause. The latest information reinforces beliefs that Pique had been cheating on Shakira for a significant amount of time before they officially called it quits.

More interestingly, the cheating allegations continue to circle around the same third party, which is Pique's current girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. The couple quickly went public with their relationship last summer, mere weeks after Shakira and Pique released a statement about their split.

The 23-year-old PR student was first spotted "working" for Pique's company, Kosmos, during some events in 2019. It has been suspected that they might have been seeing each other since then, but this time, there is solid evidence that shows Clara Chia inside Pique's home while he was still in a relationship with Shakira.

Images from a live Twitch stream between Pique and Ibai Llanos from August 2021 catches Clara Chia helping the footballer set-up his camera for the stream. She continues to be seen on camera several more times during the broadcast, where she is seen walking behind him and answering the door.

She appears to be clearly comfortable around the home that Pique shared with Shakira and their children. According to Marca, the singer had been travelling with the couple's two sons when the stream was recorded.

It means that Pique did not make any effort to hide his closeness with the young woman, and even called her by name at one point during the stream. The broadcast came from August 15, 2021, almost a full year before Pique and Shakira announced their breakup.

It is unclear if Shakira met Clara Chia personally, and if the latter had been introduced to her as a Kosmos employee. Nevertheless, eyebrows shot up when the images from the stream re-emerged.

Shakira is now believed to have moved back to Miami, where she plans to rebuild her career. Meanwhile, trouble is being reported in the relationship between Pique and Chia. The couple was reportedly spotted on a flight to Prague, where they had been heard arguing.

Witnesses revealed that one of the things they were arguing about was how Pique had been looking at Shakira's Instagram account.

Shakira, who has sold over 60 million albums, had lived with Pique on the outskirts of Barcelona AFP / Bryan R. Smith