Ewan McGregor's wife Eve Mavrakis has finally broken her silence on her husband romancing Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is 14 years his junior.

Mavrakis, 51, opened up about her husband dating his Fargo co-star when she responded to a message on Instagram.

"I can't believe Ewan would end things with u for that cheap whore! U are so much better than him!!!! Take him for every penny u can!!!!" the user wrote as a comment on a photo that Mavrakis had posted back in October celebrating her friend's birthday.

Mavrakis simply replied, "What Can I Do?"

Shortly after her reply, fans rushed to the comments section to show their support for McGregor's estranged wife.

The user to who Mavrakis had replied, wrote back, saying, "You are a beautiful woman Eve and so classy. You were there for Ewan through everything & he is nothing more than a cheating, lying b*****d."

The user continued, "No one is a fan anymore! He will be with that Mary s**t for a short time but it will end badly for them. He has lost you and the kids. Poor pathetic Ewan who can't keep his d**k in his pants. I'd feel ashamed and disappointed if I was you but u will meet a better man than him. He is CLEARLY going through a midlife crisis. Motorbike. A new girl who looks like u Eve. He will be the big loser out of all of this!"

Another user said, "This happened to me. There is nothing you can do. But don't take him back - ever. Big waste of time."

"Be strong be happy be there for your children and remember it is not your fault never doubt yourself," someone else said.

McGregor was first spotted "passionately kissing" Winstead in a busy London cafe in mid-October.

''You cannot reserve a table in there and have to go to the counter to order food, so people are up and down ­constantly," witnesses, who were present at The Good Life Eatery in St John's Wood, North London, told The Sun at that time.

"They were deep in conversation and were there together for more than an hour. As they left she got on to the back of Ewan's motorbike and they sped off together,'' they added.

McGregor and Mavrakis have been married since 1995 and have four children together, while Winstead recently split from her husband of seven years, Riley Steams.