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Owen Wilson teamed up with Julia Roberts for the movie Wonder, which releases in theatres on 17 November. And while filming the movie, the 48-year-old actor was pleasantly surprised to learn one interesting thing about the actress.

Speaking to E! News at the premiere of their latest film in Los Angeles, Wilson revealed what the Pretty Woman star likes to do on the movie sets besides acting. He said that Roberts was a secret knitter.

"Yeah, I don't know what that is going to do to her street cred, but I think it is actually kind of hip," Wilson joked.

Talking about the movie, Wilson, who plays the role of the husband in the film, gushed about working with his co-star, saying the experience was "pretty exciting". He added that it was like passing out from the prestigious Harvard University.

"That's like if I had gone to Harvard or something and being able to say, 'Yeah, I went to Harvard.' Being able to be in a movie with Julia Roberts is pretty cool," he said.

Wilson also revealed his Thanksgiving plans, saying that he will be celebrating his favourite holiday with his family in Los Angeles.

"We're all going to be together here for Thanksgiving," he said.

Luke Wilson's brother revealed that the actor indulges in sort of Thanksgiving meal a couple of times in a year but is "more an eater—an avid eater—than someone who cooks."

Meanwhile, in another interview, Roberts speaking about the movie, said, "I guess we have gotten to such a grim state of the world that some sweet little offering like this is kind of a handful of revolutionaries."

She told the Associated Press, "I think everybody wants to feel good," she said. "And we've really gotten into this mire and this habit and this sort of negativity. Maybe that's why the book struck such a chord with me. I feel that I am such an innately optimistic, happy person. And then the news, the world, is just like dulling spray."

Owen Wilson
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