Nazi tattoo swastika
Michael Kent and his parole officer Tiffany Whittier Screengab/ABC

An ex-con has turned his life around and removed the swastika tattoo on his chest after an inspirational black probation officer showed him to hope, not hate.

Colorado man Michael Kent used to be a racist – now he goes to parties at his immigrant co-workers' homes.

Michael, 45, credits his dramatic shift in perspective to one amazing woman: Tiffany Whittier.

"If it wasn't for her I would have seeped back into it," he said. "I look at her as family."

The pair met up recently for an emotional reunion. They had not seen each other for a year following Michael's rehabilitation and return to normal society.

The parole officer, 38, is as modest as she is motivational.

Speaking about the early days of the relationship, she said: "I'm not here to judge him. That's not my job to judge. My job is to be that positive person in someone's life."

Michael couldn't wait to take his T-shirt off and show her his chest, which use to be emblazoned with a swastika.

It was recently removed for free by an artist at the Fallen Angels studio, which removes hateful body art without charge.

He said his conversion from neo-Nazi to compassionate human was all thanks to Tiffany.

Nazi tattoo swastika
Nazi tattoo swastika
Michael Kent used to belong to a violent skinhead group

He told ABC about her insistence that he take the Nazi flags down in his bedroom and replace them with something more positive.

"When you wake up and see a smiley face, you're going to go to work and you're going to smile," he said.

Michael now works on a chicken farm in Colorado with a diverse group of colleagues. But that's not a problem – he fits right in.

Nazi tattoo swastika
The tattoo has been covered up Screengab/ABC

"Before all this, I wouldn't work for anybody or with anybody that wasn't white," he said. "[Now] we have company parties, or they have quinceaneras [Mexican coming of age parties for girls at 15] and I'm the only white guy there!"

Michael regrets his days spent as a member of a violent skinhead group and hopes that his change of direction will have a positive impact on his two young children.

He said: "I don't want my kids to live the life I lived and live with hate. I want my kids to know me for who I am now — a good father, a hard worker, and a good provider."

Michael will be eternally grateful to Tiffany for showing him he was capable of love. And the pair will be friends forever.

"If you have a strong support system and people that believe in you in a positive way, you can change," he said.