Gone Home
Gone Home is a 90s-set exploration game that asks players to put together the story themselves The Fullbright Company

Co-founder of The Fullbright Company Steve Gaynor has confirmed that development on an Oculus Rift version of their hit indie game Gone Home has been cancelled.

Gaynor gave an update on future versions of the game – including versions for consoles - in an interview with IBTimes UK.

"Oculus Rift we have basically stopped active development on," he said. "We looked into it and what we discovered is that really, for a game to be good on Oculus you have to design it for Oculus.

"We don't have any body-awareness in our game and a bunch of UI [user-interface] pasted to the screen – 2D UI. Both of those things are tough with an Oculus game and we're not going to go back and remake our UI or add a player body to make a good fit for Oculus.

"When we were at Steam Devs Days and Oculus did a presentation they were basically saying 'Oh your UI needs to be in-world and you should have feet so you can look down' and we were like, no, it's not worth it. We're not going to do that."

Rather than scrapping the idea entirely, the plans appear instead to be on hold, as Gaynor didn't rule out returning to the idea at a later date.

"Who knows what happens with later versions - there's no consumer version yet, it's still in development."

Gaynor also updated us on where The Fullbright Company is currently when it comes to previously-talked about console versions of Gone Home.

"We are actively investigating getting it onto consoles, and we think it would be a great fit. I mean we designed the game to use an Xbox controller and to be playable on the couch. It's really just a question of how we make that happen. So we're looking into it and we hope it will happen but we don't have anything to announce at this point."

You can read our interview with Steve Gaynor in full here.