At least two loud explosions have been heard across the southern French Marseilles causing panic on the streets of the city.

Social media users have said the explosions could be heard across eight of Marseilles' local districts. The local French news outlet La Marseillaise reported that two or more blast had rung out across the city at roughly 13:05 local time (12:05 BST).

While the sound of the explosions in the southern French town have caused panic, with residents reportedly concerned a terror attack of some kind may have occurred, local emergency services have not been dispatched to any part of the city.

On Twitter, users have posted a video of two loud explosions taking place during a house fire. The blasts, which send large orange flames exploding out of the building's second floor windows, appear to be caused by a gas leak of some kind.

However, the video has not been independently verified and local media in the Provence region, of which Marseilles is the capital, has said the possibility the loud noises were caused by a jet breaking the sound barrier has not been ruled out.