Extant cancelled after season 2
Extant season 2's low viewership rating sparks rumours that the show might get cancelled CBS

CBS's science fiction drama Extant season 2 is facing a severe viewership crisis sparking rumours that the show might get cancelled.

The network has moved the show from its regular time slot to the prime time slot in order to improve ratings.

As a result the viewership for the series has marginally improved from its previous time slot but not to a point where the network will be confident enough to bring it back for another season.

In the Ask Ausiello section, one Extant fan asked about the season three update to which the founder of TV Line Michael Ausiello replied, "You're assuming there will be a third season of Extant," referring to the dismal ratings of the show.

He also mentioned that the show needs a miracle to live beyond season 2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the character of JD Richter, a bounty hunter police officer who forms an alliance with Molly in the series.

But Morgan has recently joined the cast of Good Wife season 7 to play a major character. This has sparked speculations that he may not return for a third season for the science fiction thriller.

"They have approached and would like me to come back," Morgan tells TV Line. "And I would be hard-pressed to not go back and work with Halle [Berry] again."

The official synopsis of episode 5 titled The New Frontier reads: Molly discovers that Etha is alive and trying to contact her. She will set out to get her son back. Also, suspicions about John's death will cause JD to investigate Julie's potential involvement.

Extant season 2 airs every Wednesday on CBS networks.