Faking It fall finale will air next week, where we will finally find out whether Karma will forgive Amy and Liam or not.

The 10<sup>th episode is titled Busted, where Amy and Karma will finally make a decision on their friendship.

The official synopsis reads: Amy and Karma have an argument that could end their friendship for good. Lauren discovers their relationship isn't all as it seems. Liam makes plans for the future, whilst Shane crosses a line.

Last week's revelation about Liam sleeping with Amy had damaged the two BFF's relationship.

In episode 9, Karma blamed Liam for sleeping with Amy, and assumed that Amy was innocent and just a victim of Liam's intentions, since he was the "new guy." Besides, being betrayed by Amy is much worse than being betrayed by him.

But by the end of the episode everything clears up: Amy admits that she is equally responsible for what happened, and that she slept with Liam to hurt her. After this whole drama, Karma decides to hate them both.

Next week's episode will be full of big choices and ultimatums.

Amy is giving Karma one shot to save their friendship, and Liam is giving in to his dad's desire for him to take over the Skorkle throne.

According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, the chances of Karma forgiving them are low, and one of them might even leave Hester High School by the end of this season.

The report states, "It's not looking good. In a bid to actually get her BFF to talk, Amy punches a cop, landing them in jail, where Karma will make it very clear that she hates Amy. She'll even give her an ultimatum that could see Amy transferring schools. I can guarantee that at least one person will be leaving Hester High by season's end."

Meanwhile, Lauren and Shane, each hurt by their latest love affair, have put their passions back into hating each other and fighting it out for school president.

Faking It mid-season finale will air this Tuesday, 25th November on MTV.

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