How to Get Away With Murder Mid Season Finale
ABC's thriller show How to Get Away With Murder's mid season finale revealed Sam's killer ABC

How To Get Away With Murder has been building up to who killed Sam Keating, and the truth is finally out in the winter finale episode.

There were many suspects: Annalise, Michaela, and Rebecca, but it wasn't any of them.

The killer is Wes Gibbins, who hit Sam over the head with the trophy to save Rebecca.

Within the first moments of the episode it looked like Michaela was the murderer. Sam attacked Rebecca to get the flash drive with all of his computer data. She was going to use this to pinpoint Sam to Lila's murder. When Sam attacked her, everyone got into a physical fight, and Michaela tripped Sam over the second floor balcony, and he landed on the ground -- but not dead yet.

The gang is trying to make a plan when Sam gets up and attempts to kill Rebecca again. It was then that Wes hits Sam's head with the trophy, splattering Sam's blood all over Rebecca's face.

But wait for the shocking conversation at the end moments of the finale.

"I'm so sorry," Wes whispers to Sam's corpse when he returns for the murder weapon in the flashback shown in the final moments of the finale.

"Don't be," Annalise answers from the dark, sitting behind her desk staring at the body.

The entire plan for getting rid of the evidence and "getting away with murder" all came from Annalise. She really is the master all along, and was playing us the entire time!

This also implies that the heartfelt voicemail she left, and the tearful phone call to Bonnie were all a complete fabrication, and the decision to burn the body wasn't Wes's -- it was hers.

Here are a few fan tweets on the episode:

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