Faking It mid-season finale aired back in September 2014, and going by the Twitter account of actor Katie Stevens, filming has wrapped for the second half. She also urged fans to be patient and promised that the show will return soon.

Rita Volk also took to Twitter to tease fans that the '2B episode is the best one yet'

Here are a few more pictures shared by the cast, suggesting that filming has wrapped.

The major storyline for the second half of the season will be Karma trying to understand what sort of feelings she has for Amy.

In the mid-season finale, Amy dreams of kissing Karma while she is camping with Reagan, which reveals she is still in love with her best friend.

Karma's equally weird dream proves that even though she hooked up with Liam she still doesn't trust him or Amy.

A report in Tvline suggests, "that dream Karma had shows her feelings are complicated. There are definitely still trust issues."

Will Amy and Karma get back together?

If you want to kill time waiting, watch the show's encore which begins on 7 April.