Fallout 4
Fallout 4's protagonist with his canine companion Dogmeat Bethesda

In a twist for gamers, a new mod of Fallout 4 has come out with gears and armoury of Witcher 3 Wild hunt. Nexus Mods' user Renn has introduced Geralt's prologue gears including crossbows, starting outfit, and a wolf mask of the character of Fallout 4.

In the modified version, the characters of Fallout 4 will adorn Geralt's outfit with chainmail and leather, giving it the look of a warrior. Other modded content includes the Witcher wolf mask, gloves, viper armour and compact crossbow.

To make the mod seamless and real-like, models and textures were taken directly with CD Projekt Red's permission.

This mod is special as it brings out the best of both worlds. Fallout 4, is a fiction action-packed game taking users into the future of nuclear holocaust and the protagonist's struggle of finding his lost spouse and son. Witcher is a fantasy game that takes users to the world of magic and combat where the protagonist, Geralt, fights against the armies in Northern Kingdom.

Witcher Crossbow (weapon)

• 2 Colours: Cherry Wood Vintage / Ebony Chrome
• 2 Models: Basic / Epic
• Ammo conversions : 10mm, .44, .308, .38, .50
• 10mm and .44 calibre are considered as a pistol and affected by Gunslinger perk
• .308, .38 and .50 calibre are considered as a rifle and affected by Rifleman perk
• Naming Rule: Black colour has 'II' suffix and epic version has 'Epic' adjective

Witcher Geralt's outfit, viper armour and gloves

• 2 Colours: Brown/Black
• 2 Models: Basic/Crossbow (accessory)
• Lining, Ballistic Weave, and Legendary modifications
• Naming Rule: Black colour has 'II' suffix and crossbow version has 'hunting' adjective
• Armour Slot: Body, torso (gloves: L/R hands)
• Female outfit models are compatible with CBBE. (Bodyslide is not supported yet)
• Humans, ghouls, and synths including Valentine can wear them

Witcher wolf mask

• 3 Versions: Glowing eyes/dark eyes/no eyes
• Lining, Ballistic weave, and legendary modifications
• Armour Slot: Eyes (47)
• Humans, ghouls, and synths including Valentine can wear them.