Fallout 4
Fallout 4: How to get best weapons, armour and gear right at level one Bethesda

Veteran YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals the secret to access the best weapons, armour and gear right at level one, as soon as you leave the vault and enter the sanctuary. This guide is meant for those who are yet to begin their Fallout 4 single-player campaign and veterans who are likely to replay the entire game with a second character.

Assuming you are repeating the entire playthrough in single-player mode, here is what you should do:

  • Once you exit the vault and head to the sanctuary, you will be crossing a giant wooden bridge in the south-eastern portion of the city. Once you reach the end of the bridge, you will notice a statue to the left on top of a hillock where you will see a duffle bag filled with collectible ammo and weapons.
  • Just take whatever you need from the duffle bag and follow the path along the edge of the lake (see video). You may encounter a couple of enemies along the way, before you eventually reach the dock.
  • Just keep going and once you pass the docks, you will notice a compartment box half-immersed in the water which looks like a pump. You will see a switch on it. Just open the circuit breaker lid to activate it.
  • Tip 1: This location is just a few hundred feet away from the sanctuary and easily accessible if you just walk along the lake shore until you pass by the dock.
  • Once you have activated the switch, just follow the water pipeline going up the hill. This will lead you to a yellow box, which can be opened to find a bunch of bottlecaps inside.
  • You can also collect .44 Snubnose pistol as well as .44 magnum rounds from a dead man fallen on the ground. There are more collectibles strewn around the dead man including a suitcase that could come in handy as you can trade them off for more bottlecaps with some local merchants in the game.
  • Just above the suitcase, you will find more collectible items on top of the cylindrical container that looks like some exhaust pipe.
  • Next up, we need to head over to the Robotics Disposal Ground, which is a bit north-east to your current location in the in-game mini-map. At this location, you will find the sentry-bot just behind the rubble of destroyed vehicles.
  • Don't forget to check out the steamer trunk with a star logo imprinted on it. It may contain valuables and random items like ammunition or resource materials for building settlements.
  • Now just go behind the rubble by climbing on top of the destroyed cars and you will find the Fatman, which looks like an explosive grenade launcher. This is one of the most powerful weapons with a damage capability of 468 and it is ideal for taking out enemy bosses as well as monsters in the game with ease.
  • Just right behind the sanctuary to the far north-east location, you can find a blue home with hidden root cellar with twin black doors. Just enter the cellar to find a bunch of gear, a safe and a wooden chest.
  • You can find gold bars, purified water and aluminium cans, wherein each gold bar fetches you 450 bottlecaps when you sell it to a local merchant. You can also collect some ammo, first-aid kit, Pork N Beans and some other valuable items.
  • Tip 2: You can unlock the safe once you have access to Advanced Lock Picking capability, which you will acquire after you reach level 2 or 3 in the game.
  • Then we move on to the gigantic concord water tower to the south-eastern corner of the sanctuary. It is found right across the bridge which we used at the beginning of this guide.
  • You will find a few goodies at the base of the water tower including a first-aid kit and some purified water. Then just head over to its right where you find a green steamer truck filled with bottlecaps and some .308 rounds along with some powerful weapon mods.
  • Just move a little further south-west of the sanctuary to find the unmarked location on the map, which appears like some abandoned bunker.
  • You will find some ammo chest on the counter, besides a Navis terminal and a standby security bot. You can crack the Navis terminal to enter the secret storage area where you find the explosives chest filled with grenades, molotovs and fragmentation mines. There is also an ammunition box on one of the shelves where you can find plenty of ammo of all kinds.