Fallout 4 petition request

For a long time now, Bethesda has been rather silent about the purported sequel to its Fallout 3, which is expected to be named as Fallout 4. A passionate fan of the franchise has now started a petition which requests an official statement from the game's developer regarding the title's existence.

Players can check out the petition over here if they would like to lend their support.

"I believe it's about time Bethesda gives us some hints on Fallout 4," the change.org petition reads. "After the Survivor hoax and the *intentionally* leaked Fallout 4 script on Kotaku, we NEED to know if Fallout 4 is being made and whether it will be set in Boston or not.

"We do not ask for much; just throw us a bone, tell us you're working on it," the petition says. "If you're thinking the same way that I do, please SIGN this petition. You can make a difference!"

The development comes after Kotaku obtained a collection of documents that were leaked from a recent casting call. Even though "fallout" wasn't mentioned anywhere in the documents, there was enough information in it, allowing fans to believe that a game was in the works. There is some speculation that the leak might have even been intentional. You can learn more about that leak here.

Apart from this, in December 2013, the game's developer released a Christmas card which dampened all hope of a 2014 release of Fallout 4. The card came out on the company's blog and its contents suggested that fans should expect certain titles from the company to be released in 2014. The big disappointment was that Fallout 4 was not on the list of titles that will be out in 2014.