Bethesda, a game publisher known for titles like Elder Scrolls Online, has now released a Christmas card which suggests a message that is sure to disappoint fans of its Fallout franchise.

The card came out on the company's blog a few days ago and its contents suggest that fans should expect certain titles from the company in 2014. Fallout 4 is not on the list of titles that will be out next year.

The post containing the card reads: "As tradition, we wanted to share this year's Bethesda Holiday card. With 2014 already on the brain, this year's card pays tribute to next year's lineup."

The card includes the following items: a vault-like box, a robotic dog and a symbol of a dragon eating itself, which is referred to as an Ouroboros.

It is believed that the vault-like box is a reference to the upcoming The Evil Within, which means that the game will be coming out for sure in 2014. The Ouroboros could be a reference to the Elder Scrolls Online title, which has been slated for an April 2014 release.

The robotic dog is seen as a reference to Wolfenstein: The New Order, since the dog looks like the Panzerhunds which are seen in the franchise.

Since there has been no hint or mention of Fallout 4 or the next Fallout game in the card, there is a chance that the game will not be releasing in 2014. This news comes as a disappointment since Fallout 4 was the most eagerly awaited reference in the card.

Fans will now have to hope that next year's card will hint at the release of Fallout 4 in 2015.

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