Royal fans gush at the adorable way Princess Charlotte greeted her great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, after the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham.

The young royal made quite an impression on fans when she joined her parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, for the annual Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham. The 4-year old, accompanied by her older brother, Prince George, 6, walked hand-in-hand as they exited the church.

In a video posted online, Princess Charlotte can be seen copying the Duchess of Cambridge after she curtsied to Queen Elizabeth II. She even held her skirt as she did so. The Princess did not only curtsy at the monarch but also shook hands with the minister.

"Her momma did it first but she did it and she did it like a true Princess! She held her coat and curtsy! So freaking cute!" one royal fan gushed.

Okay but Charlotte’s curtsied to the Queen! OMG! So cute! Her momma didn’t first but she did it and she did it like a true Princess! she held her coat and curtsy! So freaking cute!

— Isa (@isaguor) December 25, 2019

"Princess Charlotte is so adorable. Her polite curtsy to the Queen is done with such grace. There are [sic] no lack in manners to the Queen. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are raising very polite young royal children and it shows. Merry Christmas to the Royal family!" another commented.

Aside from Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, also curtsied. Meanwhile, Prince William, and his father Prince Charles, and the minister nodded their heads as the car Queen Elizabeth II rode passed by.

After the sweet goodbye, Princess Charlotte joined her mum as they greeted the well-wishers who waited for the family outside the church. She stuck to Kate Middleton's side as the Duchess shook hands and talked to the crowd.

Princess Charlotte even received a few gifts according to The Sun. A well-wisher gave her a homemade doll. Gemma Clark, who traveled from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire, gifted her with an inflatable flamingo and shared that the princess seemed happy with her present. She added that Charlotte said thank you.

Clark said that the flamingo was a birthday gift from her sister but she did not like it. She called the toy Felicity but said that Princess Charlotte can name her whatever she likes.

As for Prince George, he stuck close to Prince William as they too greeted the well-wishers. This is Princess Charlotte's debut at the Sandringham Christmas mass.

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