Rapper Tyga is back in the news and this time he is making waves because of the "inappropriate" cover of his upcoming album, inspired by the Japanese city of Kyoto.

Taking to Instagram, the American singer unveiled the first look of the "dope" artwork illustrated by cult Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama. And alongside the eye-catching cover, he excitedly dropped the date for his new album's release.

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"My new Album KYOTO drops FEB 16," the Rack City singer wrote, sharing a glimpse of the X-rated album art that features an almost naked woman with feline marks all over her body. In addition to the barely-clothed look, the woman also struck an explicit pose with her pants pulled down to her knees against the background of the Japanese flag.

"I been wanting to make this album for a while now but didn't have the confidence and the story to express my true emotions," Tyga shared in the description, explaining the concept behind his latest project.

He continued, "I thank all the love and support you have given me over the years. Thru my ups and downs, At My highest and my lowest points. Thru my brightest and darkest hours. This album is me opening my heart to you and I hope you enjoy it and love it as much as I do.

"Thank You Hajime Sorayama for allowing me to share this experience with the world thru your creative art & my vision," the rapper added, crediting the Japanese visual artist for the creative input.

The provocative art of Tyga's latest album created quite an impact but, at the same time some social media users also felt that it was a little too much, branding the album cover "nasty".

"I love the symbolism but it will definitely go over so many peoples head! I can foresee the backlash," wrote an Instagram follower of the singer — better known as kinggoldchains on the popular site. And as predicted, soon many others followed suit and panned the singer over the concept art.

"Weird af," a critic commented, as a third one went a little too harsh and added: "Worst artwork of 2018 and it's going to be the worst album too."

"That cover is nasty brother," shared another of Tyga's 12 million plus followers on the picture- sharing site. "Very revealing but its dopeee, (sic)" shared someone else.

Added another, "I actually think its dope though sort of inappropriate." Someone even went on to brand the artwork as "porn" while a critic called it "offensive".

However, some people seemed truly impressed with the entire concept. "I've been waiting for an album like this from you! Dope. Can't wait to hear it," the comment read.

Another excited fan added, "Wow! There will be a lot of love in this album, I look forward to hearing it."