Time traveller
Mystery man talks to reporter about his time travelling experience into the year 6000 in viral video Youtube/ApexTV

Good, bad and the bizarre – the internet is a place where one can find all sorts of stories and people. And the latest one to add to it is a self-proclaimed "time traveller", who claims to have seen the future and discovered some secret technologies.

In a bizarre video that has gone viral on Youtube, the mystery man seems to be talking to a reporter about his time travelling experience into the year 6000. While the man's face is blurred out in the clip, he goes on to make some over-the-top revelations about technology that shrinks people and a world governed not by humans but by "smarter" Artificial Intelligence.

Alongside the video shared by Apex TV, a description further explained: "This supposed time traveller claims to have brought back a picture from the year 6000."

"He says he was part of a top secret program in which he travelled through time into the distant future. While in the year 6,000, he took the photograph seen in this video."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking about his beyond imagination journey, the so-called time traveller dished about advancements in medicine, technology and even the way of governance.

"I know a lot of you are going to find my story extremely hard to believe and I don't blame you and if I was watching somebody claim these same things I myself would most likely not believe them," he says, "It is not my intention to deceive anybody, I simply want to spread a message about the future of humanity and where the world is heading."

If his words are to be believed, "the world's changed and the technologies that have emerged would blow your mind if you only knew the technologies that exist in the year 6000." Apparently, humans and technology would be one in the future, where a superior AI would be governing people.

However, things get even more intriguing as he brings out a photograph... from the future. According to him, the blurred image is that of a major city which he says he can't name because "it would lead to too much influential change in the future".

"This is a photograph from the year 6000," he said. "You may notice that the picture is distorted, that's due to the time-travel process. Some people actually have parts of their bodies distorted because of the process."

Over three million people have viewed this video till now. While some seemed sceptical, others were brutal with their dismissal of the time travelling story.

"I barely see people print physical photos in 2018... And you expect me to believe that they will have a resurgence in 4 thousand years from now?" a viewer commented.

"In the year 6000, is everyone such a terrible actor? His crying for his friend is so fake I felt sorry for him. He seems to be trying to convince us that he is being filmed by someone, but clearly, this was made by one person with a camera on a tripod," mocked a second viewer.

Another slammed the "time traveller", writing, "Fake bulls**t and click bait".